Donald Trump Sells Out: Endorses Nationalized 5G Internet Service

UPDATE: While the White House denies plans to implement this program, Trump does, in fact, endorse this idea. The president clearly said it is imperative that “We improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G internet capability nationwide.” Trump does, in fact, support this concept.

In another move to sell your fundamental rights away for the sake of security, the Trump Administration has introduced a plan to implement internet fascism in the form of a nationalized 5G Network which the US federal government will own, construct, and operate. Such a plan would halt any and all technological advances we will ever see, and will give the State unprecedented control over the online world.

It is disheartening to see Trump take such a drastic turn regarding state control after Ajit Pai, the director of the FCC, defeated internet communism by repealing net neutrality. This endorsement of internet fascism by means of nationalizing 5G networks, or creating “private” networks to compete with the new network will stall any and all progress in technological progress coming from America.

It is impossible to compete with a government industry. If they take a loss, they can merely tax the people more to compensate for their indiscretions. In addition, since government is inherently monopolistic, it is inherently a rent-seeker, meaning it will produce the lowest-possible-quality prodct at the highest possible price. In fact, it has already wreaked havoc on the economy as AT&T and Verizon stock dipped on Monday.

According to the leaked powerpoint proposal of the program, the government wants to create one nationalized 5G network for the sake of preserving security and beating China to the accomplishment. But of course, this is just another government official who underestimates the power of the private sector. SpaceX is set to beat every government in the world to Mars, the Boring Company has created the world’s cheapest flamethrower; the free market always has and always will beat the false musings of the government. Do you really want the same people who run the DMV to have complete and total control of the internet?

There is hope, however, in the chief of the FCC. Ajit Pai, who defeated internet communism, has publicly denounced this fascistic ambition by the Trump administration by saying: “the market, not government, is best positioned to drive innovation and investment.” Pai is joined by all four of the other FCC directors.