Chicago Threatens Man for Housing the Homeless

Greg Schiller is a Good Samaritan who has reverted his basement to sleeping quarters for the homeless. Fearing people would freeze to death, Schiller chose to take part in private charity to make sure no one lost their life. It seems Schiller the pride of the Chicago government though. The government ordered Schiller to stop housing the homeless, even if they freeze in the sub-freezing temperatures. If he didn’t comply, however, the government was going to condemn his own house.

City officials claimed that Schiller’s basement violated safety regulations, even though it is safer than sleeping in the freezing cold. Is that really why they closed Schiller’s operations, though? Or does it have something to do with the Elgin homeless shelter that had to close due to the government’s inability to properly maintain the facility? The government can’t stand it when the private sector defeats the purpose of the inadequate government. The Democrats of Chicago would rather the homeless die than accept help from a private charity. If that isn’t anti-human filth, I don’t know what is.

The War on Charity

Next time a leftist accuses you of hating the poor because you hate the government, remind them that it’s government that is stopping Schiller from sheltering the homeless from the freezing cold. The government may be causing people to die here. But of course, this is just an isolated incident! Not really, though. This is one instance of a much larger problem. The government, no matter how much they claim to love the poor, has waged a war on private charity. In 2014, the government of Fort Lauderdale, Florida arrested a 90-year-old for feeding the homeless. The man didn’t steal the food. He didn’t trespass on private property. He bought the food. The man fed the homeless in a public park, nevermind the family cookouts that are part and parcel of a public park.

Also in 2014, the city of Rockford, Illinois ordered¬†Apostolic Pentecostal Church to stop housing the homeless. Well, imagine my shock that this happened in a blue state. This should show that the government doesn’t care about the poor. Rather, they care about discouraging self-reliance and forcing the poor to seek help from the State. When welfare accounts for more than 50% of the federal budget, this becomes the justification for the existence of government. If the government stopped prosecuting the giving, maybe the impoverished wouldn’t be sleeping on the streets this winter.

This war on charity is only a fraction of the government’s war on civil society. Not only does the government want the poor to rely on the government, they want the government to be everything to the people. The State wants nothing more than to destroy the church, destroy the community, destroy the family, destroy the neighborhood, destroy all the rest. To the State, civil society is a threat to their power.