You Can Now Open Carry Swords and Machetes in Texas

Image: CNN

It is always encouraging to see deregulation happen in any way and at any time. As of Sept. 1, Texas House Bill 1935 allows knives and blades longer than 5 and a half inches to be carried in public.

Owner of ‘The Knife Guys’ Phillip Watkins, said the law is going to make it easier for people with jobs requiring the use of larger knives. “It’s going to make it easier for hunters and people that have professional jobs where they use oversized knives for their particular tasks,” Watkins says, “like lawn care and chefs, or these traveling chefs going to festivals, and then your hunters that go hog hunting and carry a tougher knife than just your general public.”

This is a state bill, so while it is now legal to carry in public, long knives will not be allowed in business, schools, bars, churches, hospitals and government buildings and private properties. The Amarillo Police Department said it does not expect many issues to come from the new law, Officer Jeb Hilton stated: “Most people in Texas carry a knife, and it is going to be a little bit of a shock to see someone carrying a machete or sword around, but once the law gets out and people know that that’s OK, I don’t think we will get a lot of calls on it.”

“Look at the open carry law,” Phillip Watkins said. “When they passed that, everybody thought it would be like the Wild West, but it isn’t and it’s going to be the same thing with this. It’s going to be people more comfortable about doing what they have already been doing.”

There is a focus on security and private property as well as the passing of this bill. Officer Hilton said, “If there is a business that doesn’t want you carrying in there and asks you to leave, they can do that. That’s their right as a business owner. The police cannot come out and enforce anything other than making you leave. But, know where you are going to be going, especially if you’re going to be carrying a larger knife or sword.”

While gun laws and gun control are still big issues of public debate, knives, swords and other tools and melee weapons are hardly mentioned within debates about public tragedies. These debates are usually centered around guns and the state putting restrictions on their possession and ownership, which in the minds of many and if not all leftists is a “crackdown” of a sort on violence and an injection of peace.

A right winger or libertarian will point out that terrorists and those like them will use “peace” trucks and butcher knives when the country they invaded does not have easy access to firearms. Just look at the United Kingdom and France.

This is a great general push for the personal liberty to carry what you please, so long as it’s within the realm of reason and property rights.