Breaking: Trump Expresses Interest in Diplomacy With North Korea

Today, the Trump Administration and Republican leadership met at Camp David to discuss their plans for 2018. In a press conference, Trump expressed interest in normalizing relations with North Korea. When asked about the recent communications between the North and the South, Trump said he hoped the communications go even beyond the Olympics. In other words, Trump is hoping the two Koreas can have lasting peace.

When pressed further, Trump also said he would be willing to have phone conversations with Kim Jong-un, a serious break from current US policy with North Korea. Now that Trump is open to talks with North Korea, peace can hopefully sustain.

Regardless of both Trump and Kim Jong-un saying they wish for peace, the Establishment media is painting a picture of Worl War III beginning. Perhaps, this is because they want World War III to begin. Don’t listen to the warmongerers when they casually promote the death of billions. The neoconservatives claim to promote peace, but they will only see death and destruction if their dreams of war with North Korea come true. We must resist their demands for war.

Now that Trump is seeking peace with North Korea, perhaps he should do the same with Iran. Both nations live under an oppressive State. But we have seen the failures of regime change with examples such as Iraq and Lybia. Americans should not have to die to stop North Korea or Iran. Rather than police the world, America should be an example for other nations to follow. It’s a lot more peaceful to change the world by being an example rather than forcing change.

America should preserve the inalienable rights of the people. The US should practice amity and commerce with all. America should accept self-determination. The US should be a beacon of peace and prosperity. But we aren’t anymore, nevertheless.

The United States federal government is something no freedom fighter should admire. It is $21 trillion in debt. It has smothered small businesses with regulations. The government steals half of the people’s wealth. The US has the largest prison population in the world. The US also sees itself fit to run other countries, just look to US intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Niger, and so many more. Trump should pursue non-intervention, not war.