BREAKING: Republican Wins Random Draw to Keep GOP Majority in the Virginia House of Delegates

The GOP has maintained its hold on the Virginia House of Delegates as David Yancey’s name was drawn to decide the winner of the race for the state representative position in Virginia’s 94th District. With 99 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, 49 were secured for the Republicans. 49 were secured for the Democrats. In the race between Republican David Yancey and Democrat Shelley Simonds, the election was a tie.

This is why freedom fighters need to get serious in 2018. In a race as close as this, you can’t stay home and allow the Democrats to take over. The Republicans have their problems, but the Democrats will shred every last freedom you have for omnipotent government. In 2018, libertarians need to infiltrate the GOP and turn it into a tool for the fight for freedom. In 2018, libertarians need to get involved in local elections to support principled and viable candidates. In 2018, libertarians must stop the growth of the Left.

This election shows how important it is to get involved. I know nothing of David Yancey. He isn’t in my state. But Virginians who value liberty must not stay home. They must find viable freedom fighters to run for office and win. Whether they run as a Republican, Libertarian, or Independent, freedom fighters must get into office and their supporters must show up. One vote would have decided the majority for the Virginia House of Delegates. Imagine staying home for that election.