BREAKING: Communist Chelsea Manning Files to Run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning, who was recently released from prison after she released classified information to Wikileaks, has filed to run for US Senate in Maryland as a Democrat. While  she should be lauded for exposing the truth about the atrocities the US commits in the US, that’s where her praise must end.

Despite the courageous action of leaking information the people did in fact deserve to know, Manning is no freedom fighter. In fact, she condemned libertarians on twitter. According to Manning, only the rich want lower taxes, as if the middle class and the working poor aren’t also taxed to death as is.

In addition to begging the people to continue to fund the government, the very thing that imprisoned her, Manning has actively promoted domestic terror organizations like Antifa on her Twitter. She is not fit to hold office when she so clearly has a disdain for the very foundation of freedom: property rights and the free market.

No libertarian should support this communist. Chelsea Manning is not a freedom fighter. She is an anti-capitalist loon who must never hold public office.