Want Cheaper College? Stop Expecting Them to Be Resorts.

Want cheaper college? Don’t expect so much.

Universities around the United States are getting more and more expensive.
Socialists like Bernie Sanders call for “free” education provided by the government and paid for by taxing the rich.

While this sounds like an idealist notion, it ignores the root of the issue: Why is college is expensive in the first place?

Because of amenities.

Students no longer just care about going to class, getting their degree, and leaving. Universities now are expected to provide a myriad of other amenities that clearly rack up the cost of an education to the everyday student.

  • Here’s a list of some things universities waste money on:
  • rec center
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • brand new buildings
  • landscaping
  • free events for students
  • student governments
  • Bringing speakers to campus
  • Diversity chairs and programs
  • Puppies during finals
  • Discounted food
  • Concerts
  • Sports programs
  • Sports arenas
  • Marketing
  • Dorms
  • Resource centers for minority groups
  • Safe spaces
  • Free speech zones
  • Leftist professors
  • Humanities programs

If students expect these amenities to be provided by the university, then it makes sense that it’s so expensive to attend. If students want it to be cheaper, then the only thing they should expect is a class to attend.

Universities are socially required to provide these things because of competition, where prospective students expect these amenities and use these as a selling point for whether or not they attend that university. If a university didn’t offer these things though, hardly any students would attend it, although that would solve the problem that these same students complain about.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You have to decide whether you want cheaper college, or all these goodies that universities provide. Whether there is a rec center or a free concert to attend doesn’t make a difference for your education, but it makes a difference for your bill.

Students need to start understanding that if you want to attend events, use a gym, or have ten places to eat on campus, then you have to pay for it by yourself and not at the expense of your fellow students, the taxpayer, or the 1%.

College will get cheaper when the only expectation is a class to attend, and when universities can trim their spending and eliminate the waste listed above.