Trump Trolls Left, Says We Need Global Warming to Combat Cold Weather

President Donald Trump is known to not completely buy the climate science put out by the mainstream models, but this tweet really has the left after him.

Not only is it refreshing to have a President be able to make a humorous situation about an issue so many leftists, watermelons and environmentalists take so seriously. But it is also very warming to know that the President himself still speaks his mind about the same issues his voters and supporters would.

The east coast of the United States, as well as other parts of the world, are really reaching record low temperatures. This displays that the Earth hasn’t really gotten much hotter in the last few decades or so, and that we regularly experience chills and warm spikes. The weather and climate fluctuates. This has been basic science ever since it was established.

Many are fooled into thinking that temperatures are climbing, but other non-conforming climate scientists around the world have acknowledged that current models are nonsensical, and that even then, they will manufacture higher temperature with variables not meant to measure temperature or having anything to do with human activity.

This article’s purpose is not to debunk mainstream global warming rhetoric, but mainly serve as a service to the alternate opinion that the world will not end if we as a country decide to be energy dependent and not shell out TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to the United Nations to then institute a pointless carbon tax that won’t even reduce pollution or global temperature in any significant amount. Especially where it matters most in the first place, in countries like India and China.

I for one am happy that our President is fighting the good fight, in our favor that is.