The New York Times Declares Trump’s Name a “Racial Jeer”

It seems the case of Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicting the New York Times has gone terminal. In a new piece by the Times (which they don’t even consider to be an opinion), Dan Barry and John Eligon declared that the very word “Trump” is now a jeer that is used for no reason but to intimidate and harass minorities. To The New York Times, people who support the president or simply wish to Make America Great Again are not patriots who are sick of the Establishment, but are hateful bigots who hate anyone who isn’t a straight white Christian male who earns more than $100,000 per year.

The New York Times didn’t hesitate to blame Trump for everything that is wrong with society. From the school bully who intimidates blacks and Hispanics in the Deep South, to the edgy middle school kid who drew a swastika on his desk, and even the rise of hate crimes in America. The Times, of course, failed to mention that fake hate crimes have significantly been on the rise. But that doesn’t fit the agenda of the New York Times. They merely want to demonize anyone and everyone who supports small government and holds anti-Establishment sentiments.

The New York Times’s Feelings Are Now Facts!

As mentioned before, this was not an opinion piece in the mind of the Times. To them, The rise of hate crimes just shows that people who support Donald Trump are all neo-nazis. But of course, this is not true. Trump outperformed Mitt Romney among minorities, but this fact doesn’t come up. Of course, the New York Times would never tell you this fact. They won’t tell you this because they are shaping facts to their feelings.

The New York Times are expert propagandists. They will never tell you a fact that disrupts their narrative. Why would they? Rather than listen to facts, the New York Times will completely reject them. Rather than look to the FBI crime statistics, they rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center (or The Soviet Poverty Lie Center). The New York Times, like all leftists, are masters of hyperbolizing isolated incidents and claiming it applies to every individual who disagrees with their agenda. They have no logic, so they take part in character assassination, deception, lies, and propaganda. The New York Times is fake news.