Facebook Censors the Okay Sign, Bans Trump Supporter for Innocent Photo

Facebook has long had a strange enforcement of their community standards, cracking down on what they perceive to be “right-wing extremism” while doing nothing about violent left-wing pages.

In the past, they have censored Liberty Hangout for posting anti-communist memes, and censored the popular page Liberty Memes for being critical of Hillary Clinton.

Facebook’s subjective community standards have perhaps reached an apex, as they have now apparently banned use of the okay sign on their social media platform.

Kaitlin from Liberty Hangout opened up her cell phone yesterday only to see that she was logged out of her account. Upon logging back in, she was met with the following notification.


Here is the original image which got Kaitlin her 24 hour ban from Facebook.

With no explanation of how this violated their community standards, it is clear that Facebook is taking aim at the okay sign she is holding up in the photo, which the left believes has become associated with the alt-right, white supremacy, and fascism.

Despite everyone from athletes, to Hollywood actors and Democratic politicians also using the okay sign, Kaitlin is an outspoken conservative and Donald Trump supporter, and it comes as no surprise why she was banned over this photo.

Is it off limits to share this photo of Golden State Warriors all-star Klay Thompson throwing up not one, but TWO okay signs?

Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez, Associated Press

How about former President Bill Clinton?

What about Barack Obama? Would Occupy Democrats catch a ban if they shared this photo?

Seems unlikely that sharing any of these would result in the same fate as Kaitlin’s.

Facebook has sent a clear message here with this ban. The okay sign is OKAY, unless you a right-winger. Then, you have given them an excuse to boot you from their platform, so they may tighten the lid on their left-wing echo chamber.