Eminem is Ashamed to be White, Despite Becoming Popular for Being White

One thing we can always count on is inane anti-white and anti-American propaganda and rhetoric pouring out of the entertainment industry. One by one, movie stars, “comedians” and music “artists” have spewed forth vitriolic poison at anyone to the right of the Hollywood agenda. It hasn’t been working all that well in the greater context of our modern culture war and is believed by many to be a catalyst for people on the fence to drift farther to the right.

Shockingly enough, the people that make millions and billions of dollars to contribute to the cultural decline of our country are met with disgust and mockery when they use their podium to make fashionable political statements, tired and boring jokes about Donald Trump (or if you’re Kathy Griffin you just pretend to behead him..because tolerance), and lamenting of whiteness and white privilege. In their minds, they are still edgy while making political and cultural statements that are endorsed and parroted by the political and even corporate elites.

How brave it is to make fun of “Drumpfs” hairstyle. Don’t know if the people are ready for that kind of edge!
The fact is that the elites in all corners of the world are completely out of touch with the rest of the world and in particular middle America. They get to eat lobster tail and prime rib on a nightly basis and fly around on a private jet to tell you that you should be ashamed…particularly of your whiteness and the privilege it has brought you as you go home every night to leftovers and whatever other groceries you picked up at Aldi or Walmart. Surely you can be struggling paycheck to paycheck and feed a family…but hey…the guy with the $200 haircut has made you aware of your “privilege”.

But if there is an example of white privilege on God’s green earth it is Mr. Marshall Mathers, Eminem himself. The man that came to prominence and popularity for being “the white guy that raps”. This was his entire gimmick as he was and is the most successful white rapper to ever exist in a music scene that has long been predominantly black. While we can never be sure, it is doubtful that Eminem would have ever been so successful had he not been a white guy making all the white kids feel cool. He has joined the celebrity bandwagon of telling all of us plebians what we ought to believe.

It started with him putting out an attention-grabbing freestyle rap about how awful meanie Mr. Trump was and ended with him wanting to kill himself because he was white. In his latest album, “Revival” (which has not gained the popularity of many previous albums) the troubled rapper says that he feels “embarrassed” to be white and thinks about “checking out on life”.

The top song on the album “Untouchable” pushes the same black victimization message that anyone anywhere can hear on CNN or MSNBC without all the unnecessary sound effects. Through the song he drones on and on about the “hands up, don’t shoot narrative,” which I suppose he hasn’t received the memo while he’s been relaxing on his private yacht, is based on absolute lies and falsehood. The song goes on to sermonize about how white people are “untouchable” by law and justice. All of this after we’ve seen the mistreatment of whites in the justice system whose only crime was engaging in pro-white activity or activism.

A question comes to my mind… How untouchable is Mr. Marshall Mathers compared to every white man that was charged with crimes after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia for merely defending themselves against a leftist onslaught? I’ll let you be the judge on that.

But when Eminem can no longer resort to “edgy” sexual jokes about Sarah Palin, and killing the mother of his child on an album, I guess it leaves him with no choice but to do the typical Hollywood thing. And we all get to watch it burn down as the rest of them destroy what relevance they have left.