Trump Seeking Massive Cuts to Planned Parenthood and Abortion Lobby

By now it is no secret that our sitting U.S. President, Donald J. Trump has a lot of enemies. These opponents of his are perhaps what made him most attractive as a presidential candidate, and one of his major enemies now rears its ugly head again…the abortion lobby. And you might never hear about it, as the media drones on endlessly about “Russian collusion” and sexual abuse scandals.

Meanwhile, money keeps funneling in the pockets of “family planning” organizations at tax-payer expense. These family planning organizations not only receive funding that indirectly enables the slaughter of innocents, but is strengthened by these subsidies in a way which helps them promote and distribute other various forms of social degeneracy (“free” contraceptive and anti-family advice come to mind). These institutions have long been able to receive a constant stream of federal funds through “Title X”,and this program and its implications are now in the hands of the Trump administration.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will soon have the ability to set the terms and limitations for receiving grants under Title X, and members of the HHS who have long been critical of the program will have a chance to reshape it completely. The deputy assistant secretary of the office of population within the HHS, Teresa Manning, is a lifetime pro-life activist, and was even formerly involved in the “National Right to Life” organization. Members of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA) have voiced concern that they believe an attempt to “undercut” the program will take place.

Other members and organizations of the pro-abortion lobby worry that Title X funding will be ripped away from any clinic that provides abortions…and they should be worried. The kind of people that are attracted most to the idea of mercilessly murdering a child in their womb to shirk their adult responsibilities do not have the agency or ability to pay for this kind of operation on their own. Thus, these possible restrictions to Title X funding could have a major impact for the better.

For obvious reasons, it would be best to scrap Title X and eliminate the possibility of federal dollars going into any sort of medical operation or treatment. This we will likely never see happen in our lifetimes, as a large percentage of Americans would tell you that they have a positive right to nearly anything you can think of, including not only murdering their children and sterilizing themselves, but also cosmetic plastic surgery and genital mutilation.

There is something particularly sinister though about state-sponsored “family planning”, and anyone who knows the nature of the state should run from these words when they see them together. The family has long been rightly held up by those on the political right, as a great bulwark against state tyranny and an all-powerful government. The state and its agents are no strangers to this concept and know of its truth and to trust them to, in any shape or form, “plan” families and childbirth requires a great level of naivety to say the least.

Thus, the “family planning” industry has been an institution of dysgenics. While we may not see this evil done away with in our lifetime, it is a principled libertarian and conservative position to back any attempt to not only protect a human being’s right to existence, but also to chip away at the power and influence of the state over our families. With President Trump being blocked and stalled in every attempt to do this, HHS reigning in of Title X remains the next best thing to gutting and killing the program in its entirety.