Socialist Dictator Eats Snacks on TV While Nation Starves

Shortly after giving a televised speech to his nation a week ago, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro made sure to enjoy an empanada; a popular stuffed bread pastry in Latin America.

Maduro snacked on this as the camera kept rolling, as if to mock his starving nation.

What kind of self-centered, solipsistic attitude does it take to showcase your own gluttony in the face of your own people? People are actively starving, hunting birds, rats, and zoo animals just to stay alive. All simply because Maduro and his socialist enclave decided that it would be a swell idea to nationalize all the industries in the nation, thereby sky-rocketing unemployment, making everyone wait in breadlines, and most creating a great incentive for those to work and enjoy their own capital.

Venezuela is tragically another example of socialism following its inevitable course. It has gotten to the point where the government knows it is awful, and Maduro has the military trafficking enough food into the country for him and his handful of subordinates to eat. The people of Venezuela have a growing disdain for Maduro, as they know what he’s done to them and their country.

A country with many marketable resources and so much potential is being destroyed in the name of socialism right before our very eyes, all the while you’ve got a dictator gaining weight and stuffing his face on live TV.

This is undeniable proof socialism is about pooling all resources around a few elites, and leaving the rest of the citizenry to fend for themselves under the heel of the state’s limits and threats.