Genocidal Dictator Robert Mugabe Removed from Office in Zimbabwe

After nearly four decades, one of the world’s bloodiest regimes has finally come to an end. The Zimbabwean airport, capital, and other important sites in the country have all been seized by the army.

The military takeover has come as a result of a political battle to see who would succeed Mugabe as the next president of Zimbabwe. The battle was between Grace Mugabe, the wife of President Mugabe, and Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice president of Zimbabwe.

President Mugabe fired Emmerson Mnangagwa on November 6th, 2017 in an attempt fix Zimbabwe’s next election, like he has in the past. In previous fixes for power, Mugabe has sent the military to slaughter possible dissenters, racially targeted white farmers’ land for seizure, sanctioned people to kill white farmers, and even ordered the beatings and killings of opposition supporters during the 2008 election.

Reports from the mirror suggest that Mugabe has not only been removed from power, but that Mnangagwa has returned to Zimbabwe to take over “for the sanity of the nation.

The Marxist dictator’s horrific reign may finally have come to a bitter sweet end. As the telegraph has pointed out, Ian Smith has sadly been proven right about Mugabe. Mugabe will go down in history as one of the world’s most ruthless dictators. Today Zimbabwe is a total mess with a failed economy, a once-flourishing agricultural center destroyed, and constant starvation scares.

The future of Zimbabwe has never been as uncertain as it is now. It is unlikely that Mugabe will be restored as president of Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa may possibly take over the failed state, but there are still many adversaries to Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe. The Youth League has reported that they’re “ready to die” for Mugabe, and have urged the party to endorse Grace Mugabe as the new vice president of Zimbabwe. This all can lead to a very dangerous party conference which the ZANU-PF party has scheduled for next month. Until the conference, we can only really speculate what will happen to Zimbabwe.