Think Weinstein Was Bad? There’s Worse.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal: Hollywood, celebrities and even politicians are becoming exposed to the public for the decrepit acts, and practices they commit and condone.

Tabloids published and media had knowledge of a sexual assault accusation against Weinstein, from an Italian model. That was two years ago. The NYPD investigated a misdemeanor sexual abuse accusation and wired model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez with a microphone to test and see if she could get Weinstein to admit to the accusation levied against him. He most definitely admitted to that, confirming other suspicions, and what followed is a stream of allegations thereafter.


To most of us, we are inherently skeptical of moral dignity in Hollywood. Being able to “sleep your way to the top” and other such jokes do not come from nowhere. From Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie, we see a reoccurring pattern in Hollywood, there is a sexual favors and deviancy problem. That is undeniable at this point with all of the evidence that is coming out. Although it is common for celebrities to say something for the sake of their career or lie to push politics, what can we say about all of the AAA celebrities coming out against Weinstein in supposed disbelief?

Stories like these are very similar and possibly even related to that of the famous Roman Polanski who raped a 13-year-old girl, yet was still celebrated by Meryl Streep and other Hollywood names for his Oscar win that he could not receive because he had fled the country to Europe to avoid prosecution. Or of Jimmy Saville, infamous child rapist of the BBC who took years to finally expose, even though the media had prior knowledge. Pedophilia rings come up, human trafficking, prostitution in Hollywood. It’s all out there and it is plausible. Aside from Weinstein, there are claims from Elijah Wood, Corey Feldman, who say that pedophilia is the biggest problem in Hollywood.


Weinstein has donated immensely to the Democratic Party, to Hillary Clinton‘s recent campaign, and Barack Obama‘s fundraisers. Keeping him in good ties with those on the left, and including all that happened with Hillary Clinton’s emails, Seth Rich, Anthony Weiner and the “Pizzagate” scandal, it looks like politicians fall into this same camp that celebrities do; left wing propagation and high-time preference deviancy. Since Hollywood and those that run it have become so entrenched with the democrats and leftist critical theories, they have barred themselves from appealing to almost half the country; those on the right. Reducing their summer blockbuster movie sales by 16% this year. It’s gotten so corrupt that even the LA Times published an article asking if Hollywood has gone too far and has lost touch with American values.



Weinstein and Clinton arriving at the play ‘Shakespeare in Love’ in New York. From Reuters.

From the organized preying upon young actors by moguls, to Ben Affleck groping the occasional actress, this is all a gigantic, disgusting mess. Who knew that those in places of such influence and have entertained millions could do all of this and get away with it for so many years, and yet virtue signal to the common people about their politics and their morals? What does this mean for those in power? Who’s connected? One thing is for sure. We would not face these problems to this degree if we just removed the state from the equation. If those on the left could not lobby for money to fund efforts to push narratives onto the masses, we would not be in this mess and those handful of elites would not be so tucked away from public scrutiny.