Rand Paul Says He and Trump Have Been Working on Healthcare Plan for Months

In the morning hours of October 10th, 2017, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a shining example of a rigorous libertarian in the GOP, tweeted the following:

This is very hopeful! What this entails is that all of the Americans who put their stake in the system for the possibility of free market healthcare, might actually get what they paid for. Now, it may not be the complete free enterprise we’re looking for, but if it’s coming from Rand Paul, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Many criticized Rand Paul for voting ‘NO’ on the healthcare repeal a few months back. Many in the senate voted ‘YES’ simply because they are Republicans or RINO’s trying to fill empty promises. They’re meeting a quota, whereas Rand Paul and possibly President Trump himself actually want to see a good turnout for the American people.

Senator John McCain had voted ‘NO’ simply because he didn’t want any change to be made. He’s a neocon who seemingly wants the socialist system to remain. Senator Paul did so because the appeal wasn’t enough, and he was fighting for something better than what we could have gotten. He actually wants to convince the President that a full repeal and restoration of market activity is the way to go, rather than a Paul Ryan Obamacare Lite.

While there are many issues with how the administration functions, whether it’s fake news or pressure from the Deep State, or simply a mistake that should not have been made, this is still a big, tremendous hope for those of us who wish to see a better system in place. So if President Trump can sign away and make it a reality, then so be it.