BREAKING: Rand Paul Healthcare Plan Signed by Trump

Image Credit: CBS News

Donald Trump just signed an executive order allowing individuals to purchase health insurance plans from across state lines, thus starting the death of Obamacare. The order also allows for individuals to form independent Health Associations in order to reduce individual costs. This plan was constructed under the advisory of KY Senator Rand Paul after it became increasingly obvious that the Republicans in the House and Senate are just as pro-big government as the Democrats.

With the signing of this executive order, one can expect more economic freedom, more competition, and more affordability regarding health insurance. This move by the president and Senator Paul is a breath of fresh air for laissez faire advocates. This executive order will come at zero cost to tax payers. For the 28 million people which Obamacare left to the wayside, cheap healthcare is even more readily available now.

This is not an instance of the president writing the law. It is the president repealing previously passed unconstitutional restrictions on the market for health insurance. No State Action is occurring here, but a reduction in State intervention is coming with the signing of this order.

This order also gives people a way out of other Obamacare restrictions, as these Health Associations are exempt from several regulations passed in the Affordable Care Act. With these exemptions come lower costs and prices. In other words, Rand Paul’s plan does what Obamacare claimed to do: make healthcare affordable to the everyday American. Although it may take 6 months to a year to see the benefits, the benefits will come with this order.

By putting the consumer first, Rand Paul has made the death of Obamacare inevitable, whether or not John McCain and Chuck Schumer likes it. Rather than banning choice, Paul and Trump restored it today.