Trump Vindicated: Golf Addicted President Spied on His Campaign

On March 4th 2017, Donald Trump caused a massive stir in the media by claiming that the Obama Administration had ordered wiretaps of his campaign. While he provided no evidence at the time, if true, the totalitarian suppression of political opposition is now a real threat to the American electoral process.

Now it has come out that Trump was right the entire time. Federal Agents of the Deep State wiretapped the phone of President Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort via secret court order.

According to the report, the evidence the unconstitutional recordings provided were inconclusive, and failed both to provide sufficient reason to continue the investigation, and failed to provide the Obama administration a sufficient excuse to continue creating Russian hysteria and conspiracy theories.

This was clearly a politically motivated move, intended to dig up dirt on enemies of the establishment. Not only did it fail but the perpetrators of it had the audacity to deny it despite the inevitable nature of this information coming to light. The Deep State, not the Russians, is now the only entity with genuine evidence pointing toward meddling in the election process. Whether they created the Russian Conspiracy to keep attention off of themselves is unknown at this time, but their shameless attacks on the electoral system definitely casts doubt on their loyalty.

It is apparent now that the Deep State in no way serves the American People or their interests. Rather it serves whatever interests would have been propagated by the continuation of the Political Establishment in the election of Hillary Clinton.

This move not only vindicates Trump’s March allegations, but also proves that the Deep State and the Political Establishment are one in the same. Neither possesses any inhibitions or decency and will take any actions necessary to perpetuates their political agenda.