The Deserving Poor and the Left

In today’s political environment you will hear the constant talk about the poor being an oppressed group by leftist media talking points such as CNN, MSNBC, Huffpost, and so on.

The trick that is played is referring to everyone as the undeserving poor, that no one has ever become poor by their own personal decisions. This trick has infected many people to believe that the poor are just poor by spontaneous nature, skin tone, or oppressed class. I will make the distinction of two types of poor individuals, one being the undeserving poor, the other being the deserving poor.

The left uses undeserving poor, as all the poor to hurl money and resources to the deserving poor who will continuously vote for the party that provides them resources. They will be a burden to society and continue to strip resources from the responsible individuals. Thus, creating less wealth, economic opportunity, and promote more theft.

The undeserving poor are people who have fallen on hard times, some examples would be job loss, death of a family provider, spousal abuse, medical issues, etc. This would generally lead to a community of individuals coming together to help these people get back on their feet, temporarily providing them resources in the meantime as their situation improves. These measures are not meant to be permanent, on-going solutions, since resources are scarce the individual or group helping would see this as a temporary service. The undeserving individual is expected to get back on his feet and resume back into society and contribute.

If the person was just taking resources and not contributing, he would be cut off and never be helped again. The deserving poor, which is the individuals the media will turn a blind eye to, are generally individuals who have become poor due to their own vices. Some examples would be promiscuous single mothers, drug addicts, criminals, etc. The left will never talk about these types because it does not fit their narrative. The bums, the beggars, prostitutes, and criminals will generally be poor due to their high time-preference decisions. Their lack of resources is generally a good thing as they cannot continue their destructive behavior.

The left has been throwing resources down the throats of these people for half a century with the creation of a welfare state. These perverse incentives create more of the undesirable individuals in society, as these people will continue to reproduce more than the responsible citizens of a society. Their offspring will be taught the best way to earn resources is through the government and they will eventually collapse the system due to the burden and strain they place on the productive individuals.

The restraint or lack of money for the deserving poor is sort of a blessing in disguise. The personal demons they are battling restrains them from destroying themselves and others. The left is continuously giving resources to anyone removes the community’s involvement in the decisions to help the undeserving poor. While they might seek the state as the solution even for a temporary one, they may unfortunately remain on the government dime forever.

Conservatives who are made up of libertarians, traditionalists, Catholics, Christians, advocate for personal responsibility, which is antithetical to the left’s desire to supply the deserving poor with resources to keep them voting for more government power, and in turn, keep the next generations voting Democrat as well. The Democrats do not care about the poor, because if they did, they would have made the distinction between the two types of poor. They will continue to give resources to the most fowl of society to corrupt society to a point where they can promote a leftist revolution.

Conservatives are the ones who really care about the undeserving poor, as these people will return to a traditional way of life. They will promote western values and have an appreciation for the individuals in their own community. They will be far more likely to help those in need as well, because they were once in that position themselves. This will in turn promote the virtues of personal responsibility, property rights, and limited government, which will result in a freer society compared to the leftist paradigm we are currently living in.

Conservatives are the real heroes to the undeserving poor and have always been and will continue to promote a healthy society contrary to the left’s destruction of great societies.