Dallas Marxists Destroy History: Vote to Remove Statue of Robert E. Lee

Image Credit: WFAA

The Dallas City Council on Wednesday voted to 13-1 to remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee, after “three African-American members serving on the council proposed a resolution last week calling for the immediate removal of Confederate¬†memorials in the Texas city” according to The Hill.

The proposal also reportedly changes the names of roads and parks associated with the Confederacy.

This vote comes after a contentious few months of debate over the removal of Confederate monuments in the south.

The city council members of Dallas thought it best to remove the statues and erase history, siding with leftists, Antifa, and cultural Marxists who believe that the statues are symbols of oppression, hatred, and racism.

City workers have already started the phyiscal process of taking the monument down.