US Senate Candidate Calls Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Many politicians have not taken the step to call out AntiFa, but have easily condemned the alt-right.

However earlier this afternoon, Missouri Senate candidate Austin Petersen called AntiFa a terrorist organization.

Petersen tweeted the following today:

So far, President Trump appears to be the only elected official to make a public statement against the Antifa protesters, referring to them as the “alt-left”. Petersen’s courage to do so may be attractive to voters who feel Trump is alone on this issue.

This comes after a deadly weekend in Charlottesville when Alt-right protesters were met by left wing AntiFa protesters which resulted in a death of a young woman.

Protests have continued to erupt, most recently at a free speech event in Boston which was incorrectly labeled as a white nationalist rally by the media.

Earlier this summer, the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security declared Antifa a terrorist organization.

Petersen left the Libertarian Party in July for the GOP when he announced his candidacy for Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat. He ran for president in 2016 and runs two libertarian media companies.