TRAGEDY IN SPAIN: Dozens Run Over by Van; Gunmen Open Fire on Police

Image: Breaking911

At least 13 people have been reported to be killed in a terror attack in Barcelona, Spain with dozens more injured. Police say the death toll is expected to rise.

The attack took place in a popular tourist destination, Las Ramblas. Witnesses say the driver deliberately tried to hit as many people as possible before coming to a stop. It is also reported that the driver had some sort of object in his hand, though it is unclear what that object is.

The attacker fled the vehicle and went to a Turkish restaurant. There are one or two gunmen who are supposedly barricaded in the building.

According to Fox News, gunmen also opened up on police.

Vehicles have been a popular tool in Islamic terror attacks in Europe lately. Anywhere from London, to Stockholm, to Nice and now Barcelona, people have been mowed down by vehicles in acts of terrorism.

According to Fox, 32 are injured, and 10 are in critical condition.

Updates to follow.