Minnesota Town Raises Flag of Antifa Terrorists After Charlottesville

Among the aftermath of the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, leftists among Antifa and Black Lives Matter called for a violent communist revolution, and they have held a slew of protests, which include attacking Trump supporters in Seattle.

These rallies climaxed in Minnesota when the flag of a terrorist organization comprised of radical communists, which has used chemical weapons and has assaulted bystanders, was raised by protesters in a Hennepin County town.

Were this a Nazi flag, surely the state would do everything in their power to declare martial law in the state of MN. And surely this would be the leading story on CNN for the next month.

Be not deceived. The left’s hostility goes beyond the alt-right. It extends to all non-leftists. The left has turned hostile to Conservatives, Libertarians, constitutionalists, and any other right winger or centrist.

When an invading army captures enemy territory, they raise their flag in that territory. This was a communist invasion of the West and should be treated as a declaration of war against the United States and the ways of Western Civilization.

Watch below: