Leftists Prove Socialism Wrong Every Time They Eat at Chipotle

Image Credit: Today.com

When you go into a Chipotle and concoct your culinary masterpiece, you’re not only getting a quick lunch, you’re debunking Marxist theory. It doesn’t matter whether you get chicken or steak, pinto beans or black beans, cheese or no cheese (even if skimping out on cheese is tantamount to flavor genocide); you’re taking part in intellectually combating an over 100 year old ideology with followers all throughout a liberal arts college dorm.

Marxists love to turn the discussion away from the labor theory of value and act like it isn’t important, but when people Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn praise Venezuela, we remember. If the labor theory of value were true, why does Chipotle even bother asking what you want in your burrito? Not only does it require more labor to add the ingredients to your burrito, but it requires more labor to make said ingredients in the first place. For a Marxist, to make the most valuable burrito is to fill it with as much fillings as possible. This would increase the labor needed to make the burrito therefore increasing the value.

It shouldn’t stop there, why doesn’t Chipotle just add even more ingredients to up their value game? Let’s add in pineapple, peanut butter, skittles, yogurt, dish soap, teen vogue magazine, garbage (sorry, I spelled ‘garbage’ twice). Subjective preferences may seem logical, but we’re probably just under the influence of capitalist mind control devices.

So remember, subjective value is all a farce. All those people who go into Chipotle and create their own individual burrito are really just brainwashed. Get in there and immediately ask for absolutely everything to be placed inside your burrito, hell, ask the employee to hop into the burrito themselves.