Cenk Uygur Says Oil Companies Cause Hurricanes

Image: Comedy Central

Front man of The Young Turks YouTube channel and progressive political talking head Cenk Uygur tweeted his condolences to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and theorized the cause of the storm.

That’s right folks, the natural phenomena of tropical storms and hurricanes is the oil industry’s fault. Fifteen minutes later, Uygur likely came to the realization that his politicization of an ongoing tragedy and homage to the god Environmentalism was probably a dick move. In a desperate attempt to save face, Uygur insisted, “it’s not too soon.”

Cenk then went on to claim that the oil companies caused these tragedies.

Less than 48 hours later, Bernie Sanders posted the same (completely unproven) leftist drivel to his Twitter account.

Bernie Sanders’ job over the next few years: pass a Carbon Tax.