Al Gore’s Home Uses 21x More Energy than the Average US Household

Former Vice President and environmentalist Al Gore who holds a Nobel Peace Prize for his climate change activism in 2007 uses an absurd amount of electricity in his home. According to a report by the National Policy Analysis. Al Gore uses more electricity in one month than a typical american family does in 34 months.

The report also notes that Al Gore does have some solar power installments as well. Al Gore has spent $60,000 on solar panels and all together average around 6% of his monthly energy usage.

Not only does he use an astronomically large amount of energy compared to the average US household, but his house is considered an “Energy hog” by Energy Vanguard, a company dedicated to lowering energy costs. To earn the “Energy hog” rating, a household must consume more than 20kWh of electricity per square foot each year. Al Gore’s house consumes 22.9kWh of energy which complete trumps the efficient usage level of 5-10kWh of energy per year. The report doesn’t cover the energy costs of Al Gore’s other two houses, only the one in Nashville.

If one thing is clear from this, Al Gore the champion of environmental efforts who even just released another documentary on climate change, doesn’t take climate change as seriously as he wants you to take it. Al Gore calls for people to live as minimalist as possible along with getting off non-renewable energy, yet plunges deeper than nearly every American into non-renewable energy dreams of.

You can watch Tucker Carlson interview Drew Johnson, the man who released the report here.