65% in Poll Say Being a Neocon is Worse than Being an Ethno-Nationalist

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Over the past few weeks, discussions of ethno-nationalism have consumed the mainstream. However, while the media obsesses over ethno-nationalists, they continue to turn a blind eye, and in many instances parade dangerous ideologies such as neoconservatism and socialism.

We thought it would be wise to put out a poll asking Twitter users which they believe is worse: being a neocon, or being an ethno-nationalist. The results will shock you.

Of a sample size of 1,624, 65% responded that being a neocon is worse than being an ethno-nationalist.

Neocons have done irreparable damage to the world over the course of the last two centuries. After all, it was Woodrow Wilson’s decision to involve the United States in World War I that forever changed the global landscape and set the stage for World War II. The Treaty of Versailles bankrupted Germany, intensified hatred of Allied nations, and led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, who would kill millions in the Holocaust. The US alliance with the Soviet Union helped give rise to the greatest genocide in human history. And in the 70 years since WWII, the US has embarked on countless unnecessary wars that have done nothing but destroy the global economy, eradicate national borders, steer us towards globalism, and make the US enemies faster than they can destroy them.

Woodrow Wilson, the nation’s first neocon, endorsed US intervention into foreign affairs because he believed “The world must be made safe for democracy.” Wilson’s precedent not only eroded the sovereignty of foreign nations, but destroyed the rule of law here at home. Wilson’s presidency was the deathbed of the Constitution, as the US Federal Government arguably saw the largest expansion of power under his rule. American intervention has also been the greatest excuse for the erosion of our civil liberties, as war turns ordinary citizens into suspected enemy combatants. Such was especially true under the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, when over 100,000 Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps during WWII.

The September 11th terrorist attacks 16 years ago provided the US government with perhaps their greatest excuse of all to erase whatever was left of our 4th amendment rights. As the nation headed to war in Afghanistan, the government found it paramount to keep a watchful eye on their own citizens, and the nanny state took full steam after the passage of the Patriot Act. Today, countless ABC agencies spy on millions of American citizens, making a mockery of the Constitutional freedoms they swore an oath to protect. But what is worse than these government programs is the support they have garnered from the public over the years, thanks to the war propaganda and manipulation of the mainstream media.

Libertarian economist Murray Rothbard called war the health of the state, for when a country goes to war, the nation rallies not behind its people but behind its government. Anyone who questions the war or the government is easily labeled unpatriotic, and a traitor to his country. War is also the precursor for the implementation of socialist policies domestically, as the destruction of property, injury of soldiers, and creation of refugees creates a need to expropriate more tax dollars from American citizens to heal the wounds they caused. Furthermore, war itself destroys the economy, as production lines are forced to provide equipment and support for the war, instead of producing valuable goods and services to the economy.

Some ideologies are bad, but the ones the media won’t criticize are provably worse. When told that sanctions against Iraq reportedly led to the deaths of half a million children, former Secretary of State, Madeliene Albright, responded “We think the price is worth it.” Neoconservatism is not just a terrible idea, but an evil one too. The bodies continue to pile, and the politicians continue to reap the benefits.

If Americans are serious about having conversations on dangerous political ideologies, it is time for the country to take a good hard look in the mirror. Our government has long followed one of the most wicked ideologies ever conceived.

Hopefully more polls such as this one can be conducted to see if consistent results will be found. It is without a doubt an interesting find to see 65% in this poll say neoconservatism is worse.