Reasons to be Proud this 4th of July

July 4th is the day where Americans from all over the country unite over our independence and pride for the United States. July 4th is our Independence Day, and we celebrate that with cookouts, lots of American flags, and a grandiose display of fireworks.

This isn’t like any time of year. July 4th is in the heart of summer and represents the heart of America as well. Americans don’t celebrate this day because they’re forced to like in North Korea, we have genuine patriotism. Although there are many great reasons to be patriotic on our Independence Day. Three YUGE reasons stick out the most. These reasons are our shared love for Freedom of Speech, Capitalism and our beloved Second Amendment.


Americans have freedom of speech. This isn’t a country where you can get arrested for posting comments on Facebook that the government doesn’t approve of, like in the United Kingdom or Germany. This is America in all its glory. No matter how hard some will push to limit them, our freedoms are sacred to us. We are proud of our ability to say whatever we want, whenever we want and not go to prison for it.


The United States has some of the freest and least discriminatory markets on the planet, helping to make us one of the richest countries on the earth. There are no breadlines in our capitalist society, and we don’t have a hunger crisis like in democratic socialist Venezuela which Bernie Sanders praised and now refuses to talk about.


Its no secret the US has the most gun owners per capita in the world.  In 2008, D.C. v. Heller  supreme court case affirmed the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, making the US by far the best place to be for gun ownership. You don’t even need a permit to carry a firearm in certain parts of the country. In other parts of the world you could go to prison for owning a firearm to defend yourself. The US recognizes our personal liberties and gives Americans the right to self defense.

There are many great reasons to be proud of being an American. Freedom of Speech, Capitalism and the Second Amendment are three shining examples of why many of us feel the need to pull out our old glory.  So while you enjoy your fourth of July barbecue, take a moment to be thankful for living in the best nation in the history of the planet.  A nation where your won’t be killed for taking a banner, a nation where there are no democratic socialist breadlines, and a nation where our amazing police are allowed to carry firearms to stop criminals dead in their tracks.  God Bless America!