Obese Bridge Blocker Booed Catching a Foul Ball at Mets Game

In the top of the 3rd inning in Tuesday’s contest between the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals, New Jersey governor and notorious bridge blocker Chris Christie made the play on a routine foul ball hit into the stands at Citi Field off the bat of Cardinals infielder Paul DeJong. Despite fielding the ball cleanly, unlike most of the Mets players, the New York faithful did not take kindly to Christie’s surprisingly semi-athletic feat.

Christie, who is famous for shutting down the George Washington Bridge in 2013, lived up to his reputation by blocking the incoming ball from unsuspecting patrons. While it may be surprising that the bridge blocking governor was paying attention to the game rather than reading a book, as he was doing on the beach he shut down earlier this month, the play was made nevertheless, saving an error and perhaps further injuries, as the Mets are no stranger to.

This is not the first time Governor Christie received attention for his activity at an athletic event, however. In March 2016, he received attention for pouring a smaller bag of M&M candies into a lather bag at an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game.
Image: Gawker

Although Christie’s approval rating as Governor of New Jersey stands at 15%, the lowest in the nation, that figure is much higher than that of the New York Mets, as they sit in 4th place in the NL East, similar to how Christie sat on the beach. Despite the web gem the governor and former presidential candidate made not receiving adequate accolades, sources say Mets officials have no intent of signing Christie to a deal at this time.

Watch Christie’s athleticism below: