Libertarian Party Chairman Takes Shot at Rand Paul

Earlier today, Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark tweeted, “At least those brave Senators opposed to civil asset forfeiture filibustered and opposed [Jeff Sessions’] nomination. This happened, right?”, an apparent stab at libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul, who opposes civil asset forfeiture but voted to confirm Sessions as Attorney General.

Sarwark proceeded to favorite a response to his tweet which took direct aim at Paul, calling him a fake.

This comes after the Department of Justice set a new policy saying police can seize property from people not charged with a crime even in states where it has been banned.

Rand Paul (R-KY) has been a very vocal critic of civil asset forfeiture and has even introduced legislation attempting to reform the current system. Paul, however, was widely criticized by libertarians for voting to confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Sarwark chose to go after one of the few libertarian minded Senators while he could go after the other 500+ politicians in Washington that want more government and support civil asset forfeiture. He and the party should be looking for allies, not enemies.