CNN Anchors Say Trump’s Tweets Scare Them, Compare Him to Hugo Chavez

This morning, Americans awakened to find their President, Donald Trump, had tweeted out a video of him beating up CNN, with a hashtag #FraudNewsCNN.

Liberal pundits have been beside themselves today, arguing that this video incites violence against the media.

Yes, the same people that have been lying through their teeth about Trump and Russia, continue to depict his assassination and call it art, and place him between crosshairs on magazine covers have the audacity to call a meme violent.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took to Twitter afterwards to say that his tweet scares her.

Then, Brian Stelter took to the air to compare Trump to Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.

Stelter also took the liberty to retweet the following statement which falsely accuses President Trump of threatening physical violence against journalists.

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein, who was once a ghostwriter for Hillary Clinton, said, “It’s not just anti-CNN. It’s anti-freedom of the press.”

Whether Trump’s tweet was appropriate or not, CNN’s reaction to it makes it crystal clear why President Trump has labeled them a fake news network. It is increasingly evident that they have an agenda to serve, and it does not involve reporting the truth.