Chelsea Manning Goes Socialist, Claims Only the Wealthy Say “Taxation is Theft”

Chelsea Manning is taking the internet by storm again this week, but this time, it is not for reasons that anti-war libertarians will be happy with.

Manning, in 2013, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for providing sensitive military documents to WikiLeaks, before getting a pardon from President Obama earlier this year. Manning quickly burst back onto the public scene by getting a sex change, and becoming a vocal politico on Twitter.

But Manning quickly disappointed supporters this weekend after coming out as an apparent socialist, urging the rich to pay more in taxes.

Manning wrote, “Taxation is a sharing of responsibility. Only the wealthy believe that taxation is theft. They don’t pay taxes – we should make them.”

Perhaps the hero worship of Manning within the libertarian community will now reach its end, seeing as how Manning not only supports the institution that sentenced him to 35 years in prison, but wants to give them more money and power to erode property rights.

In the words of Eric July, “So not only is she saying it is our responsibility to be robbed, continuing to fund institution that caged her… she’s dangerously ignorant on economics.
This is inexcusable.”