BREAKING: Congresswoman Ann Wagner Will Not Challenge Claire McCaskill in 2018

Ann Wagner, a Republican congresswoman from Missouri’s 2nd district, has officially decided against a 2018 run at Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat. This race is expected to gain national attention due to it being a very vulnerable seat for Democrats. Wagner has instead opted to run for reelection in her own district.

Wagner’s surprise decision not to run is beneficial to potential Senate candidate Austin Petersen.   Austin Petersen ran for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President in 2016, finishing 2nd to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Austin’s unique brand of politics makes him an attractive outsider for the 2018 run. He was the only pro-life candidate during the Libertarian Party’s nomination process and has experience working under Judge Napolitano in his show Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. He is currently the CEO/owner of Stonegait LLC and founded libertarian news organizations The Libertarian Republic and Liberty Viral.