The Truth About the Paris Climate Accord: It’s a Socialist Ponzi Scheme

There has been a lot of recent debate over whether or not leaving the Paris Climate Accords was the right thing to do. On June 1st, President Trump announced that he was pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accords. Trump is quoted saying; “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

Leftists have been very critical of Trump’s decision, with many trying to explain the urgency of fighting climate change.  The Paris Climate Accords however do very little to actually reduce our carbon footprint.

The Paris Climate accords aren’t a binding agreement. There are no enforceable sanctions on any government participating in the agreement. That means if a country violates the terms of the agreement, there is no system to penalize the country for committing the infraction. John Kerry admitted that many countries wouldn’t have signed into the agreement if there were penalties for not reducing emissions here.

The Paris Climate accords also allow countries to not report their actual consumption amounts with a system of self reporting. China has been caught under-reporting their coal consumption by up to 17%, which completely questions the credibility of the agreement to actually reduce emission levels. If  China, the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world by far, can get away with no significant backlash from the agreement, what is to stop other countries from doing the exact same thing? The self reporting system allows countries the flexibility to even avoid any form of criticism for not abiding by the powerless agreement as well.

To make things worse, it would cost developed nations 100 billion USD PER YEAR to be part of this agreement. This is the real reason leftists are exploding over Trump pulling us out of the agreement. The agreement requires all developed countries to pay a yearly 100 billion USD, which is then redistributed to developing nations. The agreement does very little to curb emissions but instead functions as a global governing body that attempts to control our industries even more. This increasingly takes away from our own national sovereignty over our industries and channels it to an international governance.

If all 195 countries that signed into the Paris Climate Accords really wanted to fight climate change, they would do so themselves. There doesn’t need to be an unaccountable, global government body presiding over redistributing wealth and regulatory controls, but that’s exactly what the agreement does. Its main priority is to redistribute wealth which is highly ineffective for its stated goals. James Hansen, often referred to as the father of climate change awareness even called the agreement a fraud.

Leftist media is trying to sell you their own manufactured outrage. Pulling out of the agreement interferes with its sole purpose of redistributing wealth and flexing international powers onto local governing bodies. Climate change can absolutely be fought through voluntary efforts from these countries, along with the private sector. Many private companies have already undergone major efforts to fight climate change with their own initiatives.

No one is disagreeing that reducing emissions is a bad thing,. The Paris Climate Accords however are not the way to go about this.


Joseph is a 23 year old Conservative Libertarian. He is the current President and a founding father of the Turning Point USA chapter and secretary of the College Republicans chapter at the University of Connecticut. Joseph is very passionate about defending free speech and promoting both libertarian and conservative causes on college campuses and beyond.