Trump Just Pulled Out of the Climate Accord. Here’s How Bernie Can Still Win.

Step 6: Get Everyone in the Trump administration impeached

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Our final and easiest step, impeach everyone! I’ve helped create a list of everyone we would have to impeach in order of succession.

  1. President: Donald Trump
  2. Vice President: Mike Pence
  3. Pro tempore of the senate: Orrin Hatch
  4. Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson
  5. Secretary of the Treasury: Steven Mnuchin
  6. Secretary of Defense: James Mattis
  7. Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
  8. Secretary of the Interior: Ryan Zinke
  9. Secretary of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue
  10. Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur Ross
  11. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta
  12. Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tom Price
  13. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson
  14. Secretary of Transportation:  Elaine Chao (She’s not eligible, one less!)
  15. Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry
  16. Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos
  17. Secretary of Veteran Affairs: David Shulkin
  18. Secretary of Homeland Security: John F. Kelly

After we get through this list of impeachments, all we would have to do is convince the House of Representatives to elect BERNIE SANDERS as speaker. Once Bernie is the speaker, he will be eligible to become the President of the United States! See bigots? Bernie has a very clear and feasible path to the presidency. If you don’t agree you’re deplorable!