Rand Paul Calls for Deregulation of Industrial Hemp

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Since bursting onto the political scene in 2010, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been at the forefront of the initiative to legalize hemp.

The son of Congressman Ron Paul, the nation’s most vocal critic of the War on Drugs, Rand Paul has long stressed the importance of unshackling the hemp industry.

In 2013, Paul supported a bill to legalize industrial hemp in the United States. In 2014, Paul and Mitch McConnell announced new hemp projects in their home state of Kentucky. A year later, the pair again teamed up to introduce the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. And in 2016, Paul announced that “the commonwealth [of Kentucky] has more than 150 pilot programs to grow hemp, with participation from seven Kentucky universities and numerous farmers on 4,500 acres of land.”

Today, Senator Paul again affirmed his support for freeing the hemp industry. Senator Paul wrote on Twitter this morning, “Happy #HempHistoryWeek! Proud to be a strong advocate for the deregulation of industrial hemp so KY farmers can reap the economic benefits.”

Though the cannabis plant is most commonly associated with marijuana, the low-THC strain can be used in medicine, clothing, textiles, nutritional supplements, and even as an alternative fuel. Its numerous uses extend even further beyond this, and deregulating industrial hemp will unleash new industries and innovations.