Pinochet Rises From the Dead: Helicopter Attacks Venezuelan Commies

Image: Global Look Press

For months now, Venezuela has been in perpetual chaos, as the nation’s fledgling economy falls into ruins.

The socialist country is finally beginning to reap what it has sown, and its citizens are beginning to wake up.

Remnant of the tactics of former Chilean general and president Augusto Pinochet, who helped lead a coup against the Chilean government in 1973, a group of Venezuelans stole a military helicopter and rode into town.

According to RT,

“The helicopter was stolen from a military base in La Carlota by a group led by police pilot Oscar Perez. The vehicle flew over the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, and attacked government institutions on Tuesday. After firing 15 shots at the Interior Ministry from the helicopter, the hijackers flew to the Supreme Court building, where they dropped four grenades of Colombian and Israeli origin, according to Ernesto Villegas, the minister of state for the revolutionary transformation of greater Caracas.”

According to AJ+, “The grenades didn’t detonate, and no injuries were reported.”

Venezuela’s failed socialist experiment has about reached its conclusion, and the people are starving. 72.7% of those surveyed by three Venezuelan universities earlier in 2017 reported losing an average of 19 pounds over the last year. And according to reports, many in Venezuela have “begun to eat horses, cats, dogs, and pigeons.”

It remains unseen as to what the future holds in store for Venezuela. But one thing is now evidently clear. The longer the Venezuelan government continues to enforce socialist policies which lead to the starvation of their people, the more the unrest in the nation will grow.