Mother Jones Calls Dave Rubin, a Classical Liberal for Universal Healthcare, “Far Right”

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election last November, the political atmosphere in this nation has gone into complete and utter chaos. The mainstream media continues to propagate a false narrative about Russia, and the left has been scrambling to save their power over the American public, as it continues to dwindle.

As the new year dawned and a new President was sworn into office this past January, 2017 brought with it a wave of insanity from the left.

Enter Mother Jones. Today, the left-wing outlet called classical liberal and former member of The Young Turks Dave Rubin “farright.”

Unlike most on the left, Rubin is true to his word when he says he supports free speech. On his YouTube Show The Rubin Report, he has hosted an array of guests he holds disagreements with, ranging from Glenn Beck, to Lauren Southern, to Milo Yiannopoulos, and Austin Petersen. Yet despite holding classical liberal values and being pro choice, and pro universal healthcare, Rubin gets labeled far-right by the left for daring to have a conversation with people he disagrees with.

Rubin, needless to say, is extremely displeased with Mother Jones’ reporting. He has accused Mother Jones of committing libel in their piece, and demanded a retraction.

Mother Jones updated the article this evening to include Rubin’s objections, and a note at the bottom which reads, “We revised this sentence to better reflect the range of voices discussed; the story has also been updated with responses from Rubin and Pettibone.”

This left-wing notion that people are far-right for holding conversations with people they disagree with is a dangerous rabbit hole to go down, especially in a day and age where the radical left continues to threaten violence against those they brand far-right.