Julian Assange Roasts Bernie Sanders: Says “Sanders as president would not lead to peace”

One of the more respected positions that Bernie Sanders held during his presidential campaign was that of his foreign policy. He talked of drawing back our interventionist foreign policy, and was known to have voted against the Iraq War in 2003 (despite later funding it, and calling for regime change in Syria in April of this year).

This has made the socialist Sanders a respectable politician in the eyes of many Americans, including those for small government. But Julian Assange wasn’t buying it.

The WikiLeaks founder took to Twitter this afternoon to lambaste Sanders’ socialist ideas. He noted, “Sanders as president would not lead to peace. Why? The bigger the domestic agenda the worse the foreign agenda. Political capital balance.”

Assange is correct to criticize Sanders in this regard. Though a contained foreign policy is commendable, implementing expansive socialist policies domestically in the US would incentivize the state to maintain an even larger military presence abroad.

The Federal Reserve can only keep printing away our purchasing power for so long before foreign nations dump the US dollar, and trillions of worthless Federal Reserve notes flood our shores.

This is precisely why the Washington establishment is so hell bent on upstanding Russia and China. The two nations are quickly becoming economic superpowers, and the US dollar won’t be the world reserve currency for much longer.

Implementing even more socialist policies here in the homeland would only exacerbate this issue, as our wealth and purchasing power would only further plummet. The government would be faced with the dilemma of either suffering an economic collapse, or intimidating foreign nations into keeping the US dollar as the world reserve currency.