Facebook Censors Milo Yiannopoulos From Promoting His Book

Earlier this February, Simon and Schuster, a prominent publishing company in New York City, decided to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos’ book, Dangerous, after announcing two months earlier that they planned on publishing the conservative icon’s book.

Shortly thereafter, Milo decided to self-publish his book instead, and the pre-orders again propelled his book right to the top of Amazon.

Today, however, it appears that Milo is having difficulty promoting his book over social media. The conservative sensation attempted to share an Amazon link to his book this afternoon, but received an error message from Facebook.

This would not be the first time that Facebook has censored someone that diverges from left wing thought. Our friends at Liberty Memes were censored a year ago for posting a Hillary Clinton meme, and we were censored last month for posting an innocuous meme about Joseph Stalin.

If Facebook is going to censor Milo from sharing his book, you can find it on Amazon at the following link.