2017 Congressional Baseball Game Recap: Dems Beat GOP 11-2

The Congressional Baseball game did take place tonight despite a shooting that injured Congressman Steve Scalise and several others, including two police officers – one of whom (Officer Bailey) threw out the first pitch. Republicans and Democrats met at 2nd base prior to the game (the area Scalise was shot).

The Democrats had a rough first inning, giving up 2 runs on no hits. Starting pitcher Cedric Richmond (LA-2) had trouble controlling his pitches and his defense didn’t help committing several errors. The GOP didn’t have any better luck, loading the bases with no outs and giving up 3 runs in the bottom of the inning. End 1st GOP 2-3 DEMS

The top of the 2nd sent Rand Paul to the plate, where he struck out on 3 pitches. The Republicans failed to capitalize on having runners in scoring position. The Democrats started the inning of with a base hit, but a nice defensive play caused a double play when a ball was hit to the 3rd base side and was caught then thrown to 1st to pick off the runner. Starting pitcher Mark Walker (NC-6) gave up no runs that inning. END 2nd GOP 2-3 DEMS

Republicans got a man to 3rd base, but failed yet again to capitalize. The bottom of the 3rd gave the Democrats another run on an RBI single from Jared Polis (CO-2). Walker continued to put runners on base, whether it was walks, hit by pitch, or hits. A two out double cleared the bases and put the Democrats up 7-2. The painful inning was ended by a ball hit to the pitcher and throw to 1st. END 3rd GOP 2-7 DEMS

Richmond began picking up confidence, striking out the first two batters in the fourth inning. Rand Paul got a base hit but was thrown out at 2nd trying to steal. Democrats had nothing going for them in the bottom half of the inning. END 4th GOP 2-7 DEMS

The Republicans were retired 1-2-3 in the top half of the next inning. Cedric Richmond hit a ball to the warning track, earning a lead off triple. Patrick Meehan (PA-7) relieved Walker after the triple. Linda Sanchez (CA-39) finally made an appearance, earning a walk. Republican Thomas Rooney (FL-17) left with an injury after falling trying to field a pop up. The Democrats tacked on four more runs. The inning ended on running error. END 5th GOP 2-11 DEMS

The Republicans only managed one hit in the next frame, as Richmond continued to shut down GOP batters. John Shimkus (IL-15) took over in the bottom of the 6th to pitch for the GOP, striking out two opponents and letting no baserunners aboard. END 6th GOP 2-11 DEMS

In the last attempt for Republicans to come back, the leadoff man got a hit, but was caught stealing later. Down to their last strike, Mark Walker, who started the game pitching for the GOP, hit a ball right back at the pitcher who threw it over to 1st to seal the win.


The Democrats now hold a 40-39-1 advantage over the Republicans.

24,959 people attended the game.