After Commiefornia Bans State Travel to Red States, SCOTUS Approves Trump’s Travel Ban

The Supreme Court gave the Trump Administration permission to pursue the Travel Ban with a 9-0 decision Monday, although the SCOTUS will hear arguments on the Ban in the Fall after lower courts found parts of the ban unconstitutional.

This occurrence happened just as California banned state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, and Kentucky (my home state). This is merely an addition to the original three states of North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Perhaps this is why Kennedy and Ginsburg voted to allow for the Travel Ban to be implemented: so California will have no problem following suit.
California’s justification of this decision is that the following states have anti-LGBT legislation. What is interesting is that the typical Californian has been resisting Trump’s efforts in his travel ban from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. So let’s take a look at how LGBT individuals are treated in those countries.

In Yemen, consensual homosexual acts are banned under Article 264 and 268 of Yemen’s national penal code. The penalty for violating this law is 100 lashes and three years in prison (death penalty if the convicted is married).

In Syria, homosexuals face penalties from beatings, to three years in prison, to even death.
In Iran, any sexual interaction besides marital sex is illegal. Punishments include beating, imprisonment, and death.

In Libya, homosexuality is punishable by up to four years in prison. All things considered, this is lenient.
Sudan’s laws are complex. There is a sequence of penalties. Homosexuals still do face the death penalty in Sudan though.

In Somalia, homosexuals face the death penalty.

In addition to these, enforcers of traditional fundamentalist Islamic codes will take action outside the law to punish gays even further than they are already treated.

This brings up the hypocrisy of California. California’s government is perfectly okay with using federal funds, the money of the victims of taxation, to import illiberal theocrats with no concept of Western Civilization into the United States. But they will obstruct travel to states who uphold private property rights and allow for business owners to deny service to anyone for any reason (those states don’t even do that, but they should)

It would be nice to see the rest of the states pass laws like that of the eight states California has banned state travel to. Perhaps they would end such travel to the rest of the US and save their tax payers some money. Who knows? Perhaps Commiefornia will finally secede!

This is the condition of the illiberal Left. Tolerate those that want us dead, but oppress those who just want to be left alone.