BREAKING: Universal Healthcare to End the Life of 10 Month Old Baby

I am at a loss for words as I write this. The parents of now 10 month old Charlie Gard has lost their last appeal in an ongoing legal battle to save the life of the infant. Charlie has a rare and fatal genetic disorder and is currently on life support. In the US, therapy trials are in session for Charlie’s condition, but the State doesn’t care. Rather than allow Charlie and his parents to pursue the hope of life with the 1.4 million pounds they raised themselves, the State-sponsored Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London has decided instead to turn off the baby’s life support so he can “die with dignity.” In other words, the government has decided to kill a child by forcing his parents from providing him with possibly life-saving treatment.

The question of healthcare has been answered. The Left does not believe in the right to healthcare. They believe in the State’s power to choose who lives and who dies. They believe in enslaving doctors, nurses, and all who work in healthcare. They believe in State ownership of people. They believe humans lack the dignity to seek healthcare without permission of the State.

This is only one example of the death and destruction the State can cause if they run healthcare. If the State has the power of providing healthcare, they own you. They can choose what your diet must be. They can choose what risks you can take. They can choose everything about you. They can choose even when you die. They own you. This is why we must have a full repeal of Obamacare. Say no to Obamacare Lite. If this story does not open your eyes to the hell that is socialism and central planning, you are beyond help.

To those who advocate for government healthcare, shame on you. This young boy’s blood is on your hands. The emotional hell these parents are in is on your hands.

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