Russia Hysteria is a Distraction from Murder of DNC Staffer, Seth Rich

Image: Conservative Fighters

A few days ago, the professional propagandists at the Washington Post “broke” a story that President Trump allegedly revealed classified information to the Russian foreign minister. This supposed bombshell has dominated headlines worldwide.

The massive attention that this story has garnered leads us to conclude one of two options: 1. The president is treasonous and feels more allegiance to Russia than the United States. Or 2. This is a non-story meant to serve as a distraction. Allow me to argue the case for option 2.

The United States and Russia share a common enemy in the form of ISIS. On the campaign trail, Trump frequently advocated strengthening ties with Russia in order to more effectively target the Islamic State (an example of which can be seen here). Assuming the Washington Post is reporting the truth about Trump sharing information regarding ISIS with Russia, the proper question is, “So what?”

As Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party, pointed out, “What on earth is wrong with countries sharing intelligence to stop ISIS?” It is also worth noting that the previous administration likewise offered to share information regarding ISIS with the Russians, but this was reported without the spin that can be found in almost any Trump-related headline, and so the faux outrage simply never transpired.  There are those within the media and government who would like you to believe that Russia is our eternal enemy, and they will therefore vehemently oppose even the slightest movement towards a bettering of relations between the two nations. Someone ought to remind them that the Cold War ended decades ago.

This story regarding President Trump broke on the 15th of May, and the subject of the Trump/Russia collusion has been the focal point of mainstream coverage ever since. Of course, the realists among us are left trying to figure out what the larger story is that the media is trying to distract us from. It appears that the elephant in the room has been discovered, and it came in the form of Seth Rich.

In July of 2016, Seth Rich was killed as a result of multiple gunshot wounds to the back.  Rich was a Democratic National Committee staffer, and following his death it was widely rumored that he was the source of the internal emails that were disclosed to WikiLeaks. With little evidence to substantiate this claim, the story was all but forgotten. This has all changed following a recent revelation  that there is tangible evidence that Seth Rich, according to private investigator and former homicide detective Rod Wheeler who was hired by the Rich family, was in fact communicating with WikiLeaks. The insistence by the D.C. police that this was simply a robbery gone bad despite the fact that his wallet, cell phone, keys, watch and necklace were all left behind, only furthers the possibility that there has been  a massive cover-up.  Was Seth Rich murdered in order to prevent further leaks and/or in retaliation for what was already leaked?

We are left with two stories breaking on the same day to choose from. One is a Washington Post article which claims through entirely anonymous sources that the President gave information to the Russians in order to aid in the fight against a common enemy: ISIS. The other is a revelation from a former homicide detective (not an anonymous source) that Seth Rich is likely the source of the bulk of emails that WikiLeaks released throughout the presidential campaign.

If the latter proves true, this would destroy the Russian hacking narrative and also provide a motive for the murder aside from the botched robbery theory.  The Washington Post article serves the dual purpose of delegitimizing the Trump administration while distracting from the real bombshell regarding Seth Rich. It is for these reasons I believe it is currently dominating the news cycle.

I will leave you with a final thought: The media’s goal is not to inform you, but rather to control the topics of discussion.  If the media is sounding the alarm on a particular story, look elsewhere for the truth.