IRONY: You Have to Pay $6 to See Karl Marx’s Grave

When it comes to communists, you are going to often come across a world of double standards, hypocrisies, and flat out ironies.

And go figure one of the greatest ironies of all surrounds the father of communism, Karl Marx himself.

It turns out that to visit Karl Marx’s grave, you must pay a $6 fee.

After passing away in 1883, friends and family of Marx had his body buried at the Highgate Cemetery in London, where he still remains buried to this day. Marx was initially laid to rest in his wife’s grave, but in 1955, his body was moved to a new burial site in the cemetery.

Further fueling the irony, the Communist Party raised an undisclosed amount of money through voluntary donations to the Marx Memorial Fund to help pay for Marx’s new monument.

And now half a century later, the very cemetery that Marx was buried in by his fellow comrades requires a $6 fee to lay eyes on Marx’s grave.

Lucky for Marx and his comrades, without private property rights and the cemetery’s $6 fee, no one would have an incentive to protect and maintain Marx’s tombstone. It is capitalism which has been kind enough to memorialize the burial site of the world’s most notorious economic illiterate.

This type of left wing extremism cannot be allowed to continue. Please join Liberty Hangout in declaring May Communism Awareness Month, and help us to spread the truth about this dangerous ideology.