Covfefe Isn’t a Typo: It’s Communist

The following is a satirical article

Last night, Donald Trump sent out a tweet. A very interesting tweet.

While the people are responding to this by claiming that Trump committed a typographical error, this is just further proof that Trump isn’t your ordinary conservative. He’s a communist.

You see, covfefe has a long history with the communists. From Mao, to Pol Pot, to Stalin, to Lenin, to Kropotkin, to Bernie Sanders, even back to Marx!

We must recognize that Trump is a communist!

Actually, this isn’t true. Covfefe is a typographical error, plain and simple. I hope you, the reader, realize what I am doing. The leftists and the mainstream media and SJW activists have been on a witch hunt in recent times, attempting to label everything from frogs, to milk, even bacon as symbols of white supremacy and neo-nazism. As sensationalist as this may be, it is fake news. It is a symptom of the hysteria leftists went through upon the transfer of power from Obama to Trump. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet and see on television.

But one can see why they’d be afraid though: the president has way too much power! For years, the Congress has been giving their constitutionally delegated powers to the president, replacing the president with a democratically-elected monarch. For eight years, the Republicans lived in fear as Obama gained more and more power. And now the roles have reversed. Democrats are living in fear as Trump utilizes the unconstitutionally gained power of the executive branch to achieve his idea of a proper society. One should not be worried about who the president is as the president should not have this kind of power over the American people as he has now. One could argue that this is the main root of the hysteria.

Moral of the Story: Don’t listen to the mainstream media; and restore the Constitution so the president will cease to be your owner.