Colorado Pastor Says Public Schools Are Making Kids Transgender Communists

Pastor Kevin Swanson at the Orthodox Presbyterian Reformation Church of Elizabeth in Colorado is taking heat this week from several progressive media sources after his comment about the public school system and its agenda of immersing our children in cultural marxism.

“The state has an agenda with your children… I think if you begin to see the trajectory of where things have gone and you just draw it out for the next five, six, eight years, you’re going to find this is the agenda…. The goals of the educational program for your kids in the public schools… the goals of the world for your children is that your kids be transgendered and communist by 20 years of age.”

Now this is not the first time the pastor has been in the national spotlight for his words. In 2015, at an event with Ted Cruz, Kevin Swanson prescribed death as the only reasonable punishment for homosexuality.

While Liberty Hangout cannot confirm the Pastor’s status or legitimacy, when it comes to the public school system, we can definitely say he’s not entirely wrong. However what’s more entertaining is the backlash coming from progressive sources like Patheos, PinkNews, and Right Wing Watch.

“There’s no special agenda to transform kids into something they’re not. That’s the sort of thing people like Kevin Swanson want to do. Schools aren’t teaching children about the fact that LGBT people exist in order to transform them into being gay or transgender (nor are they teaching them about the Bolshevik Revolution to make them little Communists).”  –

We consider statements like these a shallow assessment of the state of our Public School system. What fails to recognize is the narrative coming from the public school system regarding these issues. Dissent of opinion, like believing there are only two genders, is met with great hostility and banishment.

In any case, we will let you decide: does Pastor Swanson have a point? Or is the notion of a centralized public system orchestrating an agenda on the youth to mold them into subjects for the future a far fetched idea?