CNN is Now Against Paid Family Leave Since Trump is For it

One month ago, the Clinton News Network published an articled titled Everyone should have a shot at paid family leave, arguing that “It has been shown to enhance children’s health and development and is associated with increases in the duration of breastfeeding and reductions in infant deaths and behavioral issues, as well as reduced postpartum depression in mothers.”

Just last week, however, CNN informed us, Trump’s budget to include paid family leave. Trump’s 2018 budget plan includes, “the creation of a federal paid family leave program that will provide families after the birth or adoption of a child with six weeks of paid leave, a Trump administration official tells CNN.”

After learning about Trump’s budget, the Clinton News Network is now singing a different tune about paid family leave, publishing an article yesterday, How paid family leave hurts women. The author opined,

“Unfortunately, a review of states and countries with government-mandated paid leave programs indicates they harm young women, whether they’re available to fathers or not. This is because parental leave policies are associated with an increase in leave-taking and childbearing, which leads to lost labor or increased health care costs for companies. As a result, employers may assume women will cost more to employ than before the policy, and company decisions to hire, promote, train or pay women less can reflect that, at women’s expense.”

In fact, they even took it a step forward by calling for DEREGULATION. Yes, CNN called for deregulation.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way. Government can create a buyer’s market for labor through a variety of deregulatory initiatives. For instance, reforming occupational licensing laws, which prevent women from working in certain occupations, and relaxing zoning regulations, which increase low-income women’s commute times, will make it easier for mothers to participate in the labor force on their terms.”

When President Trump goes left, the media goes right. Amazing.