To Defeat Radical Leftism, Unite the Right

Image via Wikimedia Commons

By Stuart Clayton Lee, co-authored by TJ Roberts

The recent left wing riots across the country have spread like a cancer, infecting the people of the United States and depriving them of their natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

Physical damage has come in the form of vandalized private property and mangled individuals. The speaking voice of left wing groups such as the Antifa are absent only to take the form of clubs and pepper spray. The calamity brought about by such riots aren’t only attacks against the natural rights of individuals, but an attack against the very concepts of peaceful discourse and free speech.

Free speech is the pinnacle of liberty, the idea to simply converse about controversial topics free from coercion. But what if such speech contradicts your ideology? What if you simply don’t like what is being said? The Left’s answer is an onslaught of emotional anger aimed at mutilating free speech. What was once a sacred dove flying above us is now a disfigured chicken butchered by so called “anti fascists”. This barrage of evil against the natural rights of individuals as well as our free speech must be stopped, and the right wing must be called into action to defend what makes a society righteous.

The first step is unification. The right wing is a political faction full of diversity and complexity to the point where referring to the “right wing” is too much of a blanket statement for some. Many members of the right wing heavily disagree with other members as well. Maybe you don’t like the foreign policy of conservatives, maybe you think anarcho-capitalism is too radical, maybe minarchism would eventually just lead to a larger state, why even bother with the authoritarian right? All these internal criticisms are valid for another time but must be set aside for now in the defense of natural rights and freedom. We must join forces as brothers and sisters of the right wing in order to combat this disease of left wing riots.

Of course there may be tension within our group that might arise in the form of informal debates or such. It may be hard for some to set aside differences, however the benefit gained by helping one another against the savagery of antifa and radical leftists would be valuable. Consider a situation where you are paired up with a member of a right wing ideology you disagree with for a game or task. If you complete the task you get $500. Now I’m sure most people reading this would even work with a damn communist for that money. The goal of acquiring such a benefit outweighs the estimated “cost” of working with someone you politically might disagree with. However, one thing unites the right, the championing of free speech (for the most part).

Free speech will always be worth fighting for regardless of any ideologies involved. If our ability to talk about controversial issues gets infringed, then all our other rights will eventually be infringed upon as well. We cannot allow minuscule group conflicts to get in the way of defending people and free speech.

Working with conservatives would also be far more simple than working with leftists. If we disagree on something, conservatives tend to be far more open to debate and discussion. As for the Left, they will label you a racist sexist homophobic islamophobic transphobic cis white christian male bigot. There is no longer any reasoning with the Left, our one goal in uniting with the entirety of the Right is to defeat the Red Terror before it dominates us in the means of culture and State.

Besides free speech, we must also consider the importance of protecting the natural rights of individuals. At Berkeley recently, an elderly man was pepper sprayed and people were assaulted and attacked. In Washington D.C., private property was vandalized and destroyed, the property that many people rely on. High school students had knives thrown at them for protesting a Bernie Sanders Rally. The Antifa have no consideration for the importance of natural rights, which makes them akin to animals.

Now you may say that the people getting physically assaulted are people you don’t like, therefore it’s justified. You could hate Trump supporters and wish violence on them. Such arguments sound like they came from a kindergartner, but then again we live in a world where many people identify as “anarcho-communists”. No one should have violence acted upon them for just speaking or thinking, regardless of their beliefs. The beauty of free speech is that it doesn’t discriminate. Black nationalists would be able to speak as well as white nationalists, along with those that don’t even believe race exists, but radical leftists can’t win in the realm of free speech, so they must attack us physically. When they do, we must be there to defend.

If we’re in agreement that action must be taken with a unified right wing, we must consider what must be done to protect free speech and the natural rights of individuals. To do this we must enter the belly of the beast and venture forth into protests that may have an Antifa presence. These are typically protests involving Donald Trump, so it wouldn’t be hard to find. Other protests that may involve left wing rioters are Black Lives Matter protests. In North Carolina, white people were racially targeted and beaten by racist aggressors during one of these protests. If we can identify which protests have a chance of riots, we can start to act.

Always be on the defensive. Never be the initiator of violence for ethical and legal reasons. Remember, we should be the ones on the defense against antifa and the radical leftists. If we go out there and start attacking people, we would be on par with those savages. Become the rattlesnake that sits waiting only to defend yourself and others after someone treads on it.

Aside from defense of yourself and others, it’s important to be prepared in case an individual is attacked and harmed. The right wing should rush to their aid and become a symbol of hope. A small inexpensive first aid kit could be the difference between life and death in the heat of radical leftism. Not only is this the most ethical approach, but we must consider the role of the media and representation. What’s more important than the media is the representation we get from the people at the protests, seeing us as a beacon for defense and help. We must be a true force to be reckoned with, and a true force that defends the liberties enshrined to us in our Constitution.

To conclude, it is essential that the different right wing ideologies set aside their differences to unite against the disease of radical leftism. Wood alone is nothing, but combined with other materials we can form a powerful battering ram against the castle of antifa. Numbers will always help win a war, and we must capitalize on the large number of people who desire free speech for all. Don’t let the radical left wing intimidate you, while they are violent they only seem to attack unarmed civilians on their own. Together we can be the beacon of hope individuals need for natural rights and liberty itself.