The Syrian False Flag and a Message for President Trump

It didn’t take very long after a chemical weapon attack had taken place in Syria for the left wing talking heads of the mainstream media to come to the conclusion that it was the work of Bashar Al-Assad.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. In 2013 there was a chemical attack in Syria as well and after all the warmongers had shrieked in unison that “Assad must go”, it was figured out much to their dismay that the Saudi Arabian government had provided the radical Syrian rebels with chemical weapons that they had “mishandled”.

Shortly after this, President Assad had agreed to do away with all of his military’s chemical weapons, and the threat was made that should he ever use chemical weapons on his own people, that military force would be used against him. There has been no evidence since that the country has continued to develop any.

So seeing as how this threat was made, why would President Assad use chemical weapons against his own people? To bring about an attack on himself? Or perhaps to commit political and military suicide while he is currently winning a war and retaking his country? Not a lot adds up here, and the only ones who seem to benefit from this chemical attack are ISIS and Al Qaeda.

But the fact that there’s a lot that doesn’t add up and that this is very likely a false flag and terrorist propaganda doesn’t stop the mainstream media from reporting it so hastily as so. What does that tell you about the character of the power elite? And what is even more sickening is the use of images of dead children for political propaganda. Because you see the left cares about children so much… that’s why they constantly push for looser rules on when you’re allowed to murder them, want to directly subsidize their murders, and advocate for an economic policy which saddles future generations of children with enormous amounts of debt upon those that aren’t even born yet.

Perhaps what has been most disappointing in this entire situation is how our president responded with over 50 tomahawk missiles. This action puts us one step closer not just to war with the Syrian government, but with the Russian government as well, who Donald Trump was supposed to improve relations with.

Could it be that the swamp that lives in his foreign policy adviser team convinced him of the reality of this propaganda? Is he listening to the same talking heads which call him a horrendous fascist and obstruct his every move as president because they believe he’s a Russian agent? Even if it was truly Assad that conducted this attack, there lies no justification for an act of war against a country that didn’t attack us and is at war with one of our nation’s actual enemies. This would not be putting America first, which is exactly what Mr. Trump was elected to do.

Did he do it to convince the left that he wasn’t Putin’s puppet because he’s willing to bomb his greatest ally? If that’s the case, the left has won and the Donald has proven to them that they can manipulate him into all sorts of acts of war by pedaling conspiracy theories about him. If anything, this will just accelerate the use of “Donald Trump is a Russian agent” propaganda. As we see by the left’s reaction now, they aren’t satisfied with this attack at all and are reporting that he gave Russia a warning in advance. If this was his goal, it’s not working out all that well for him and it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t much of an upper-hand for the president to gain here.

Mr. President we voted for you to put America first and to end our role as being the policemen of the world. If you truly want to drain the swamp, and I believe you still do, you must start with the atrocity that is your foreign policy team. The right-wing populist uprising in this country did not work to get you elected so you could carry out military actions that were supported by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Lindsay Graham and ISIS themselves. You yourself said there was nothing to gain out of war with Syria in 2013 as Obama was weighing the option, and the same is true to this day. Do not let down those who gave you power and do not be afraid to call out the propaganda for what it truly is. It is not too late to turn this mistake around and drain the swamp with an iron fist.


A very passionate supporter